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 What is OhMyBeer.com
       well i'm glad you asked! OhMyBeer.com is a website dedicated to helping you find the Cheapest, and closest beer possible... Times are tuff, getting beer shouldn't be! our services scour to find and maintain all the beer sales in YOUR local area, and others (just in case you go on a road trip.) so that you can get as much Bang for your buck as possible. so jump on in and enjoy!
How can OhMyBeer.com help me?
      Lets assume its Friday.... you've just been paid and are dying of thirst. When you realize that after all the bills your going be pretty tight on cash this week. Well no fear! head to OhMyBeer.com on your computer, phone, blackberry or iPod and find the Cheapest beer in your area. Or find out when ur Favorite beer is on sale and stock up!

Why is OhMyBeer.com trying to help me?
      Really OhMyBeer.com isn't trying to help you. The poor broke bastards at OhMyBeer.com got sick of trying to buy beer on sale, just to drive all the way across town to find out the sale had ended the night before.... yeah we made a website for ourselves... but at least our mommas taught us how to share!

Are there any advantages to having a account?
       You betcha! If you have an account you can be alerted when ur favorite beer goes on sale, or keep a favorites list for quick reference! with an account you can also save time by not having to put in your zip code every time! and you can comment and review beer, and share ur drinking games and thoughts with other OhMyBeer.com users!

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